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CFA Piling Company

Here at Midland Piling, we pride ourselves on being a highly recommended CFA piling company, chosen time after time for our excellent fully comprehensive packages.

We strive to provide excellent service, specialist workmanship, along with an excellent end product to suit your building projects needs and requirements. A brief run down of everything involved in CFA piling is:

  • Drilling a full length auger with a hollow stem into the soil using a constant penetration and vibration rate.
  • After reaching the design level, concrete is pumped through the hollow stem of the auger while the auger is extracted. All the time keeping the auger embedded in the concrete.
  • Positive concrete pressure needs to be maintained throughout the placement of concrete. CFA piles have to be poured to platform level to ensure the correct reinforcement installation and avoid pile necking.
  • After completion of the concrete placement process the reinforcement cage is plunged into the fluid concrete.

There are many advantages of using a CFA piling company who will provide guidance and advice, while making sure the service is second to none.

Some advantages of CFA piling are:

  • Low noise and vibration
  • Low levels of noise, so less disruption
  • Depths of 32m
  • Diameters of up to 1200mm
  • Able to carry heavy or high loads
  • Can overcome any ground issue

As a CFA piling company with vast amounts of experience, we are more than happy to provide you with both design and construct or construct only projects. No job is too big, too small or too complex.

CFA Piling Companies

It is vitally important that you select an experienced company for your CFA piling process. Only the best CFA Piling companies will fully understand the requirements and the effect of the construction technique on different ground. Everything down to the concrete mix requirements have to be carefully planned to maintain workability yet avoid separation during placement. Underpowered piling rigs can lead to uncontrolled soil transport, causing settlement to adjacent structures. This can cause costly and time-consuming problems.

Midland Piling uses only the best equipment and experienced staff, ensuring problems and issues like this don’t occur.

The process of CFA piling is virtually vibration free and also one of the quietest forms of piling. This makes it an ideal solution for environmentally sensitive areas. CFA Piling Companies know all too well that minimal disruption and noise are key to a great service.

This piling method enables piles to be formed in water-bearing ground, without the need for casing or bentonite. It is suitable for constructing piles in most conditions and ground types - gravels, sands, silts, clays and soft rocks and in mixtures of all of these. The original CFA technique allowed for placing a mortar fill but since the early 1980’s CFA Piling has come a long way in terms of uses.

CFA Piling companies are highly skilled and use only the best machinery to create the best foundations. Midland Piling are no exception. For many years we have been providing advice and expertise, whether that’s in a domestic or commercial capacity.

CFA piles are suitable a foundation piles, for secant pile walls, contiguous pile walls and soldier pile walls.