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CFA Piling Contractors

CFA Piling is by far the quietest and fastest technique available today. Making it an extremely popular choice for many tradesmen including builders and CFA piling contractors.

The CFA Piling process begins with a hollow stem auger being drilled into the ground by the piling rig with very minimal vibration and using a constant rate to penetrate it. Upon reaching the required depth, concrete is pumped through the hollow stem of the auger at the same time as being slowly extracted. During this controlled process of extraction, the auger is rotated and at the same time, this removes the ground material. This then creates the pile in which the foundations will be laid on. Completing this process in a controlled and accurate manner is vital to the outcome of the finished product. Choosing the correct CFA piling contractors to meet your project requirements is the best place to start.

Midland Piling has been completing this type of project for many years, earning a fantastic reputation for being one the best CFA Piling Contractors around.

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CFA Piling Specialists

Here at Midland Piling, our CFA piling specialists will ensure the use of the correct tools and machinery, to fit the requirements of the project in hand. It’s extremely important that you chose the correct CFA piling specialists to create the foundations of your build.

The need to be precise and accurate is vital to creating the sturdiest foundations and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the service you receive from our CFA piling specialists. We pride ourselves on providing a fully comprehensive service from beginning to end, a service which has provided us with a reputation which is second to none.

CFA or continuous flight augering, also known as auger cast piling, is a method used in construction to create a concrete deep foundation.

CFA Piling has been used in the United Kingdom since 1966, but its use is relatively new in the United States. A continuous flight auger drill is basically used to excavate a hole then concrete is injected through the hollow shaft under high pressure as the auger is slowly extracted. Reinforcement steel is then inserted after the auger is removed. This creates a continuous pile without ever leaving an open hole. Therefore, creating a strong structure with no chance of failure.

Continuous flight augering can be used to construct a piled wall which can be used as a retaining wall or as shoring during excavation. Once the piles are set with concrete, other shafts are augured between them, being placed into the original piles. The finished result is a continuous wall of reinforced concrete that will aid and protect the work-force during excavation.