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CFA Piling

CFA Piling is, by far the quietest form of piling. It’s an extremely fast and economical technique and is suited to soft ground where deep casings or the use of drilling support fluids might otherwise be needed.

CFA piles are formed by drilling to the required depth using a hollow stem continuous flight auger. After reaching the required depth, concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem. While the concrete is being pumped, the auger is slowly withdrawn, removing the soil and forming a shaft of fluid concrete extending to ground level. A cage is then inserted into the fluid concrete. Reinforcing cages with lengths up to 12 metres are commonly used in CFA piling.

CFA piling is a non-displacement piling system where the soil excavated from the pile is brought to the surface of the ground. CFA piling can create plies which can be an attractive alternative to conventional bored piles and to driven piles as they are much quicker to create and cause much less noise and vibration.

CFA piles can be used for load transfer beneath structural elements and also for contiguous and secant or interlocking piled retaining walls.