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Piling in Black Lane

What is Piling? Piling is a technique used in the construction industry which forms the basis of any type of construction and the support for your structure. Piling sets the deep foundations for your building. It’s a type of deep foundation, used to transfer the load where shallow foundations aren’t sufficient enough.

Shallow foundations are sufficient when the load is lighter and the ground is suitable. Many ways in which the ground may be classed as unsuitable are when:

  • The water table is high.
  • The soil stability will be affected by water.
  • Deep trench foundations from previous construction would be too costly to remove.
  • Existing foundations are unstable.
  • The ground is unsuitable for more than two metres.

Traditionally piles were made of wood, but they’re now more commonly made of concrete and often reinforced or cased in steel. Positioned at regularly placed intervals such as the intersections between walls and driven down to denser, firmer levels, preventing either uplift or collapse.

Piling isn’t a new technique, piling has been around for a number of years and traditionally used for large buildings where the load is very heavy. Since the 1980’s it has been much more widely used in projects including anything from conservatories to wind farms.

Piling can be a very complex process and has to be precise and accurate to accommodate the load.

Here at Midland Piling, we can provide all types of piling methods and techniques to suit the requirements of your project. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs at your earliest convenience. Our team can guide and advise you, whatever your piling requirments.