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Mini Piling Company

Piling is used for projects from building large structures to adding a basement to your home. It’s become a popular method for underpinning an existing building to resolve problems like subsidence, for example.

The two main ways of inserting piles are driving, where the pile displaces the soil rather than removing it first, and boring, where you create a hole for concrete or grout to be poured into. The biggest advantage of piling is that the piles can go right through the weaker soil, to meet the firmer soil underneath. As an experienced mini piling company, we can create a safe and secure foundation in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Mini piling is a variation on this, using piles with a smaller diameter. This makes them lighter and cheaper to purchase but still more than capable of holding the load.

With the most common type of mini piling, a hollow shaft is either screwed or drilled into the ground. Grout or concrete is then poured in to form the actual pile, with the soil supported throughout by the steel shaft. Unlike the traditional boring method, no extra supports are needed, even in weak soil.

Midland Piling is a mini piling company who specialise in all aspects of piling or mini piling. Making us a number one choice for our customers.

Mini Piling Companies

The success of any project depends on getting the foundations right the first time, on time and within the budget. Here at Midland Piling, we have the experience to advise, design and install the right piles for your project. Due to the large range of piling rigs we have available, supplying the most appropriate rig for your scheme will provide the most cost-effective and timely solution.

No two projects are the same, that’s why our skilled contractors design the piling or underpinning system that’s right for the ground conditions, considering, for example, the type of structure, loading and access.

Our Mini Piling systems provide the solution for piling contracts on smaller sites. This could be where access is tight and noise and vibration are an issue to the surrounding areas. These are an ideal and versatile solution for a wide range of projects proving inaccessible to other piling rigs, including projects like small house extensions or detached plots.

Mini piling can be used to construct a grout column around the shaft of a standard Helical Pile system, allowing for use in higher load applications where mini piling wouldn’t be sufficient. We pride ourselves on being number one trusted and knowledgeable mini piling provider from the numerous mini piling companies out there today.

To set ourselves apart from the numerous mini piling companies, we guarantee a service which is second to none from the out set. Were proud to supply excellent materials, machinery and above all else, a safe service with excellent customer service ratings.

Mini piling companies have a duty to make sure the area is environmentaly protected and we guarantee that will be a priority. Midland Piling can provide every type of method and technique available today.