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Mini Piling Contractors

There is no doubt that mini piling has its advantages in many situations. In particular, this includes cases where the piling has to be carried out in a confined space with restricted room for movement and large machinery used in traditional piling, cannot be used. It’s also effective in built-up areas, since it causes less noise and vibrations, while still producing the most secure foundations. On the other hand, mini piling has also been used successfully for major structures such as bridges and offshore wind farms.

Other projects such as small house extensions, detached plots and sites of environmental concerns are all suitable for mini piling. If you are working on a smaller site then access will be one of your main issues. With our mini piling systems, this eliminates the problem.

Our highly skilled mini piling contractors can survey the area and advise and guide you on the best process and method. With a wealth of experience in this industry, our mini piling contractors will endeavour to provide you with the correct outcome and fantastic end result.

Mini Piling Specialist

Here at Midland Piling, our mini piling specialists will always ensure the right methods are used to fit the requirements of the job in hand. Its vitally important that you use a mini piling company who has the knowledge and know-how we have. This experience in the mini piling industry can only be gained over time. We pride ourselves on being a cut above other mini piling specialists, guaranteeing a superb service, whatever the scale of the project.

Our mini piling specialists offer a wide range of cost effective mini piling solutions for a new build, underpinning and restoration project as well as ground engineering issues, which are based on our specialist mini piling and geotechnical drilling rigs.

Our range of mini piling machinery is fully designed to work in areas with restricted access, head room and space including inside buildings and residential properties. The mast kinematics and stability of this complex machinery will also allow easy installation of angled piles and pile groups.

As a trusted provider of a specialist mini piling service, with a reputation to uphold, we provide a service which includes the design and testing as well as the construction of foundations, rafts, ring beams, slabs and bases. Whatever your construction project requires, our mini piling specialists can assist.