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Mini Piling

A pile or piling is a vertical structural element of a deep foundation, driven deep into the ground for construction purposes.

A deep foundation is a type of foundation that transfers building loads to the earth further down from the surface than a shallow foundation does.

Mini piling is a process often used for underpinning the foundations. They are also used to create foundations for a variety of project types, including things like highway services, etc.

Mini piling is especially useful on sites with difficult or restricted access, or with environmental issues. Mini piling Specialists make mini piles from steel with diameters of 60 to 200 mm. Installation of these piles, by our expert mini piling contractors, place them through top soil, sand and cobblestones.

This can be achieved by using:

  • Air Rotary Drilling - Air rotary drilling is a method used to drill deep holes into rock formations. This is achieved by rapid rotation of a drill bit which is mounted at the end of the drill pipe.
  • Mud Rotary Drilling – This is a reliable and dependable technique for drilling into soft rock, clay and sand layers. The rotating drill pipes carry down drilling muds to lubricate, cool and clean the drilling bit. This technique also coats the side of the borehole with a tiny layer of clay from the drilling fluids. This then stabilises the wall of the borehole and controls the amount of water entering it.
  • Impact driving – An impact driver is a tool used in mini piling to drive the pile down. This method uses a sudden, strong and downward force.
  • Jacking – This is an innovative and relatively new technique for the installation of pre-formed mini piles. With this method, mini piling companies will use hydraulic rams to push the piles into the ground.
  • Vibrating or screwing machinery – These are self-explanatory methods and exactly as they sound. Mini Piling contractors with use different types of vibrating or screwing equipment to easily drive the piles in to the ground.