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Piling Company

It goes without saying that the foundations of a structure need to be sturdy, so choosing the right piling company to guide and advise you is essential to the finished build. Choosing Midland Piling as your chosen piling company, we can guarantee the knowledge and service will be second to none, always making sure risks are never taken.

Our highly trained piling contractors have many years of experience behind them and no job is too big, too complex or too small.

There is a lot of complex planning, measuring and labour which all go into construction projects and the process of piling is a complicated technique which requires the correct tools and the right piling company for the job.

As a trusted piling company, we provide all of this, along with a friendly and helpful service. Ensuring all bases are covered and the end result is as safe and effective as it can possibly be.

Midland Piling is a piling company who pride ourselves on health and safety and environmental best practises at all times. Be it at the survey stage, or the actual work. It’s a top priority. Our approved quality management system ensures all of this and all our staff hold the most up to date safety qualifications.

Piling Companies

Piling companies employ very highly skilled tradesmen, who carry the responsibility of delivering secure foundations. The extremely complex procedure of piling requires the most skilled work-force to provide the best outcome and accurate end result.

Piling works by driving large amounts of concrete, wood or steel into the ground. These materials, inserted deeply ensures there is a safe and sturdy base for the build to go on. After all, if the foundations of your home or work place weren’t sturdy, they wouldn’t stay upright for very long.

Midland Piling has a number of adaptations that can be used in the piling process. For example, on contaminated or toxic land, we can modify the pile section in line with Environment Agency guidelines. Another example is in areas where disturbance of the land needs to be kept to a minimum, we offer the most up-to-date, hydraulic hammers which significantly reduce noise and disruption.

We can offer a fully comprehensive piling service to suit a huge range of different ground types and conditions. To avoid damage to the piles, installation methods and equipment should be carefully chosen. Of all of the other piling companies, we guarantee no one will provide a service and end result, quite like Midland Piling.