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Piling Contractors

The experience and knowledge held by our piling contractors allows us to provide many different methods of piling. In order to give you an insight into the complex and sometimes difficult work that piling contractors may carry out, some of these are categorized as the following:

  • Dropping Weight – This is where a hammer which is around the same weight as the pile, is dropped onto the pile head. This is a simple method, used in conjunction with test piling and light frames where it may not be very cost-effective to bring in large machinery.
  • Vibration – Vibrating hammers are hydraulically or electrically powered to drive the pile. This method may be used by piling companies when the soil is particularly gravelly or sandy.
  • Jetting – In areas where the soil contains sand or sandy gravel, water jetting may be used. However, the method has a very limited effect on firm clay or any soil containing coarse gravel, cobbles, or boulders.

There are a variety of materials which can be used in the piling process, wood, steel or concrete are often used by piling contractors. This will be decided in the initial survey stages and will depend on many factors regarding the land and type of materials being used to build upon that land. Our piling contractors can complete piling using any type of material and using any method or technique to suit the requirements of the project in hand. Contact us to discuss your design and requiremenst and allow us to do the rest.

Piling Specialists

The piling specialists at Midland Piling are here to answer and guide you on any questions or concerns you may have. You can have peace of mind and be safe in the knowledge that if you choose our company as your piling specialists, we will endeavour to provide a timely, cost-effective and safe service from start to finish.

Our piling specialists will take certain factors into account, such as the size and weight of the pile, the driving resistance, available space and headroom on site, availability of cranes or machinery and potential noise restrictions locally.

There are a number of different piles which can be used in construction. Most commonly:

  • Sectional Augur Mini Piles — This has either a hollow or a solid centre and is suitable for use on sites with limited access.
  • Grout Injected Continuous Flight Auger —Grout is poured down the centre to form the permanent column. Th advantage is that this method causes little noise or vibration.
  • Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles — Driving these from the bottom of the pile, instead of the top so they don’t require heavy machinery. They can carry loads between 5 and 85 tonnes.
  • Steel Cased Grundomat Driven Piles — Driven by an internal, compressed-air engine, these are ideal for lighter loads such as a conservatory.
  • Contiguous Piling — Ideal to create retaining walls.

Our piling specialists can guide you through each and every available option to suit your project. Being highly experienced in this field, there will be no stone unturned and no project too complex for us to advise on. Contact us today for further advice and guidance for your upcoming project.